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Famille Champier Famille Champier Famille Champier Famille Champier Famille Champier Famille Champier

"We are creating wines with generosity and humanity, with the greatest respect for Mother Nature, Queen of the Vineyard!"

Famille Champier

To hand down is a core value at our estate and it was the transmission of knowledge, expertise, and passion of each generation that has contributed to the memory and history of our vineyard.  At the foot of Mount Brouilly, our estate has a rich history of more than 200 years of growing vines and contains the essence of Beaujolais.

Making wine is an art that does not result from chance, we achieve everything from intention and it is this attention to detail and our love of craftsmanship that is found in each of our wines. We are selecting and grafting seedlings ourselves, and aging the wines in our own wooden vats called “foudres.” Our wines are elaborated with indigenous yeast and are the baby of our Terroir. A truly unique experience each and every vintage.

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Published on September 01 2015

Notre domaine sur TF1!

Lors des vendanges 2015, nous avons reçu l'équipe de tournage de TF1. En pleines vendanges dans nos vignes avec notre équipe, nous étions très fiers de montrer la ... Read more

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